Jetty Subject to High Surf
The Vara-tones are back!!
"Jetty Subject to High Surf." This incredible CD is filled with new tunes that capture and update the classic surf style of the '60's. You're sure to enjoy its refreshing sound as the CD takes you on a musical surfing odyssey unlike any surf music CD has ever done before.

  "Jetty Subject to High Surf" grabs you right away with the opening cut, "Surf Blaster." From the cool opening drum roll, "Surf Blaster" gets your feet tapping as you visualize a top surfer playing with an excellent two minute ride. Then go "Over the Edge" with a classic high-energy power surf sound.
Next stop, "El Sereno" for a beautifully haunting melody that takes you gliding and soaring to the heights of a perfectly shaped wave. "Invasion of the V-People" is a hard-driving power tune that's a lot of fun and sure to get your attention. Then, we travel South of the Border for some cool partying. "Midnight in Mazatlan" will remind you of that warm peaceful beach with the moon shimmering over the bay as you pop open another Corona. Very cool. The title track, "The Jetty," will get your spine tingling as you hear the high surf break over the jetty only to be driven back by some amazingly complex and precise guitar work. You'll love it!
Next, we'll go back to one of the surfdom's favorite 60's haunts, The Rendezvous Ballroom, for a classic surf style tune, "Rendezvous Run." While were at the Rendezvous, we'll do the "Varatone Stomp" that's sure to bring back memories for all true '60's surfer dudes. The hypnotic and solid power groove of "Varafied" brings a fresh boogie board sound to the surf genre. "Repeto 2000" updates one of the Vara-tones signature songs, "Repeto (1964)" that also appears on this great CD.
Time for a break with the peaceful and exotic "Sunset at the Wedge" before getting crazy with the fun dance tune "Groo-V-Chicken." As we near the end of our musical journey, "Drum Box" paints a picture of the Big Kahuna preparing for the challenge of a monster surf on the North Shore of Oahu. The Vara-tones wrap it up with their classic original 1964 "Repeto" with a growling sax lead, a thundering bass line, and all the unrestrained exuberance of a bunch of guys having a real good time.