Headin' Out
Yes, boys and girls. It's finally here ... the new offering from the world's favorite unknown surf band ... Headin' Out is ready for your aural consumption ...








Containing 17 new recordings, this album features a mix of originals and covers that will hopefully please the surf-music novice as well as the most cynical connoiseur. Here is a track by track rundown:

1. Headin' Out - Our title tune rocks with what might be called "chunky" reverb guitar.
2. Pipeline - This classic tune, originally done by the Chantays in 1962 is THE quintessential surf song.
3. The V-Factor - There are many factors that make for interesting music, but one should never ... ever ... ever ... discount the V-Factor.
4. Tickler - This obscure, but catchy little tune was originally done by a pre-surf group called the Sherwoods. We hope you like our surfed-up version.
5. Prima Vara - Well, being the egomaniacs that we are, we've got to have at least one tune with our name in the title!
6. Ramrods 'n' Hotrods - This little medley pays tribute to three of our favorite old tunes:
Ramrod by Duane Eddy, Stickshift by the Duals, and Bulldog by the Fireballs.
7. Surf Rider - One of our all-time favorites, originally written and recorded as "Spudnik" by the Ventures on their 'Mashed Potatoes & Gravy' album - it would seem the Ventures ran out of themes for their albums so they made an album to capitalize on the then-current dance craze the "mashed potatoes" and so all of the titles on their album had something to do with potatoes. Since the Sputnik satellite was a familiar name back then, they titled this song Spud (get it?)-nik. Those guys are so clever!!!. Spudnik was later renamed and re-recorded by the Lively Ones and it became a big hit. A super-long extended version of it was used over the credits at the end of the movie "Pulp Fiction".
8. Surf Man - This song was written and recorded by Richie Podolor as "Cave Man". We tweaked it a little and rearranged it. This is the first ever Vara-tone song to feature background vocals.
9. Mrs. Moto - This original tune first appeared on the Splashback album of the same name. We re-recorded it for this album. The title is a take-off on the great Bel-Airs tune "Mr. Moto" although there is not much musical similarity between the two songs.
10. Ocean Meets Land - It certainly does!!
11. Reverberator - This tune is a high-energy Dick Dale-ish rocked-out kinda thing.
12. Rockin' The Bach - This tune was inspired by a beginners guitar instruction book which uses that catchy melody from a J.S. Bach minuet. We added our own little bridge to it - hope Johann doesn't mind. BTW, this melody was also ripped off by the Toys with their big 1965 hit "A Lovers Concerto".
13. Thingamajig - Here is a straight-ahead blues jam with some surf guitar thrown in.
14. Beyond the Blue - Gotta have a slow one.
15. Soupy Sez - Dedicated to one of our favorite shows that we used to watch - Soupy Sales with his pals White Fang, Pookie, and Blacktooth - used to provide us with a lot of fun and laughs after a hard day at school. He would write his "words of wisdom" on a blackboard and it was titled "Soupy Sez". On it you would see some inane advice or sayings (which would inevitably be obliterated by a barage of cream pies after the reading).
16. Nite Creatures - Spooky stuff. Don't get scared listening to this, boys and girls, it's just a song!
17. Siboney - This song is an old standard from the 40's (?) or early 50's, written by the same guy who wrote Malaguena. Johnny Fortune also recorded it during the first wave of surf music as a follow-up to his hit "Soul Surfer".

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